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    89 YJ Rear Main Seal

    I feel kinda dumb for asking, but here goes...I bought an 89 YJ which had a small oil leak. A buddy and I changed out the oil pan gasket, because I wanted to get real hands on with this baby. We cleaned the pan mating surfaces real clean and followed all of the directions. It leaked worse. I spent another weekend redoing everything perfect. It still leaked. I finally broke down and took it to a local garage which told me it could be the rear main seal, but that they would have to drop the transmission to tell. They changed out the oil pan gasket (3rd one within two weeks), and it still leaks. Because of all of the oil leaking, it messed up the clutch, so I had to have them fix that. They had to drop the transmission to fix the clutch but I did not ask them to look at the rear main seal to check it out. It still leaks and they say that it must be the rear main oil seal and it will cost a LOT to drop the transmission to really tell.
    Here is my Haynes manual says that you can replace the rear main oil seal without dropping the transmission, but I am hesitant to break it all down again only to have to take to someone else to fix. I think I can fix anything with the right instructions and tools, but this has got me apprehensive. I have been reading posts and everyone seems so helpful, so could someone please tell me the right way from experience? Thanks.
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    If they Haynes says it, it's probably correct.
    you need to get under your Jeep, unbolt that oil pan again (I know, it sucks) Take off the rear main crank shaft cap. Then loosen the rest of them a little bit. Take a punch and push on one end, then pull it the rest of the way out with some pliers. Make sure that you put the new seal back in the correct way, there IS a front and back.

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    There is a few things that can make a differince.
    What engine does it have in it.
    If it is the four cylinder the trans does have to come out. The four cyl has a one piese seal.
    If it is the 6cyl it could have a one or two piese seal.
    If it is the two piese seal all you have to do is drop the pan, remove the rear main brg cap, the bottem half of the seal will be in the cap the top half will still be in the engine, you will need to very carefully push the top half out, then you can put the new one in the same way the old one came out, just be very carefull not to nick the new top half as you slide it in. and make shure you put it in in the right direction. the lip on the seal points to the front of the engine.
    If it has a one piese seal the trans will have to come out.


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