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    Question Stubborn O2 sensor removal

    I'm trying to remove an O2 sensor, downstream after the cat and it won't budge. Shot it with PB Blaster, should have probably waited longer, but now the hex bolt surface is a little tweaked since the o2 sensor socket slipped.

    Any suggestion on getting this off? Very little room to move as the sensor is on the top side of the pipe and control arms and frame seems to get in the way of a big breaker bar. Thought about cutting the head off the sensor and using a regular socket on it as the o2 sensor socket is split and allows a little give to let it slip. Don't want to do this and still not be able to get it off.

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    I know this may introduce a way to get burned just slightly, but have you tried running it for a few minutes to get the O2 sensor hot. It worked on my old S-10 blazer.

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    Or a mixture of acetone & ATF, which the acetone & ATF is the best penetrant.

    Otherwise heat the bung.
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