June 2014 JOTM Winner!

June 3rd, 2014 Comments off

Congratulations to Jeff “TREX” June 2014 JOTM Winner!

This picture was taken at Eater Jeep Safari 2014. Mudd Diva took this picture as I came over Easter Egg Hill on Flat Iron Mesa trail in Moab, UT. The Jeep is a 2003 TJ Rubicon with a 2″ Teraflex suspension lift, 1.25″ body lift and 33″ Goodyear MTR tire. Thanks to all that Voted.

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May 2014 JOTM Winner!

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Congratulations to Bryan “Stickerhead” for May 2014 JOTM Winner!

The picture was taken March 2013 at Clayton on Wet -n-Wild / Green Mamba. A small group of us consisting of myself, Redneck Ron, CJ8Larry, James “Nvr Dun” Foster and Pops57. This was my first trip to Clayton and I am ready to go back. I see why everyone said “trail damage will occur!” Our small group broke a rear axle UCA bracket, a front upper UCA bracket, one rear shock and a power steering pump. I think we got out unscathed! Best part of the trip was watching James Foster “turtle on Cake Walk.” Sorry James, couldn’t resist.
My jeep is a 97′ TJ with four squirrels under the hood, Dana 44′s with 5.38 gears, chrome moly shafts, ,hydro-assist steering, ARB locker front, Detroit rear, 37″ Irocs with a bunch of body armor and overweight. I have owned this jeep since it was new so all the abuse has been done by me!


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April 2014 JOTM Winner!

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Congratulations to Tim “Bounty” for April 2014 JOTM Winner!

This picture was taken in Bridgeport at the Screamin’ Lizard winter shakedown run. This particular area is what’s left of the access road that used to be the easiest way to go around the twins. Unfortunately I was not able to make it to the top, and I did have to get winched, my steering box skid was hung up on a ledge. The Jeep was in a precarious spot at this time, very tippy, we used a winch line on the rock slider from the side, and one line to the top. The Jeep pulling me to the side suffered a broken driveshaft while trying to drag my Jeep sideways. Thanks to Ty (tmorton) for taking the picture, Rob (RAWRR) for the anchor point at the top, Brian (mmmmbeer) for the sideways winch, anyone else who helped with the recovery, and thanks to everyone that voted for me. The Jeep is a 2005 Rubicon on 33″ MTR’s, lots of armor including Genright flares, Teraflex belly up skid, and most recently an Under Cover Fabworks aluminum front bumper.


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March 2014 JOTM Winner!

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Congratulations to Chris “louiecvt” for February 2014 JOTM Winner!

Thanks for all the votes. This picture was taken in July 2013 in Ouray, Colorado. It was taken in front of Lake Como by Kristi (Collin Fitzgerald’s fiance). We are still relatively new to To Jeeps but have enjoyed it so far. Thanks mainly to the friends we have met through LSJC. We have had the Jeep about 3 years now. It is a 2011 sport. When we bought it, it came with a lift and rhino lined bumpers and fender flares. So far what we have done to the Jeep is: Ballistic wheels with 35″ fierce tires. Smittybilt rear bumper, poison spyder BFH stinger front bumper, Warn winch, Poison Spyder rocker knockers. Still has plenty of growing left to do. Looking forward to more adventures with everyone.

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February 2014 JOTM Winner!

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Congratulations to Josh “V.O.” for February 2014 JOTM Winner!

December 6th we had a decent winter storm for North Texas standards. My work postponed opening for a few hours so I wanted to check out the lake the family and I frequent. I actually had gotten out of the Jeep to try to see what furry critter ran across the road and when I turned back I thought it looked like a decent pic. The picture was taken with my cell phone and the 2012 Jeep is a work in progress. At that time it just had a 2-1/2″ lift and front and rear diff guards. Since purchasing it in February of 2013 it’s been a lot of fun owning it and I appreciate the votes.

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January 2014 JOTM Winner!

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January 2014 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Ryan “RKB84″ for January 2014 JOTM Winner!


Ryan and his best friend went overlanding over the summer of 2013, about 53 days, throughout North America. 13 states and 4 Canadian provinces, including Alaska, all west of the Rocky Mountains. It was a fantastic journey! This particular photo was taken on Night 3, July 29th, at the White House Trailhead BLM camp site, in Utah near the Arizona border, west of Lake Powell. It was at the southern edge of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Ironically, there is a 5-star Amangiri resort only a few miles east of the site, starkly different from our minimalist BLM camping!
The photograph was taken his friend via a 30-second exposure, to capture as much starlight as possible and get the awesome milky way in as much vibrancy as possible. The night sky in southern Utah is incredible! The red dirt on the front bumper is from the allowable off-roading they accomplished earlier in the day at Capitol Reef National Park.
The Jeep is a 2012 JKU Rubicon named Trixie, which he came up with as an older name attributed to the 1941. She is mostly outfitted with AEV equipment that they assembled themselves.
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2013 Jeep of The Year Winner!

December 16th, 2013 Comments off

Congratulations Al “Wushaw” for 2013 JOTY Winner!

This picture was taken by Rockin Cowgirl at Hidden Falls on the Fathers Day run this year. I was unable to get my rear tires up on this ledge, it was still fun trying.
Jeep is a 2000 TJ, 4.0, NV4500, Atlas 4.3, Dynatrac Pro Rock 60s 4.88, ARBs, Clayton LA suspension stretched to 100″ WB, 37″ IROKs on some sexy Stazworks double beadlocks and a bunch of other fun stuff either bought or home built.

Thanks for the votes everyone!






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December 2013 JOTM Winner!

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December 2013 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations Larry “CJ8Larry” for December 2013 JOTM Winner!

This picture was taken at Bridgeport Northwest OHV park back in June by Dave (T1ckT0ck) as he was spotting me up this little climb.  I can’t remember the name of the trail. We went out there for Dave and another friend of ours to test out their new Jeeps. The Jeeps did great and we had a great time.

The meat and potatoes of the Scrambler is an 81 with a Ford 302, C6 transmission and a Dana 300 with all the doodads. 9″ rear axle, Dana 44 front locked and stuffed with 4:88s. TNT Customs Y link coil suspension rolling on 37′s.

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November 2013 JOTM Winner!

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Congratulations to Rick “HanaHou” on November 2013 JOTM Winner!


This was taken at the Offroading 101 class at Bridgeport in September as I was leading one of the easy groups on a easy trail.

This was the first wheeling trip for my not yet 2 year old grand daughter Sydney Marie, when my wife saw the picture she yelled at me for doing that with my grand daughter in the Jeep.
Thanks to Craig Keehn (Semper TJ) for taking the picture.


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October 2013 JOTM Winner

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Congratulation to Jeff “Bearkat” for October 2013 JOTM Winner!


This picture was taken at Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area (BMRA) in Gilmer, TX on the Election Run in March this year. This was on Clyde’s Ravine and was my second time on this trail. The first was during the Halloween Run in 2012 when the Jeep was only two weeks old and still had her paper tags. Let’s just say that Clyde’s Ravine almost got the best of me that time. I had her up on two wheels and nearly flopped her. After I got the lift on the Jeep I had to go back out and show Clyde’s Revine who was boss. As you can see in the picture she had a lot of flex and I was able to crawl all over that trail. Thanks Nick Shah (nsjeep) for spotting me and taking the pic!

The Jeep is a 2013 JKU Rubicon with a 3.5″ Rock Krawler Max Travel lift on 35″ Toyo Open Country M/Ts, Bilstein 5100 shocks, Poison Spyder front bumper w/stinger, LoD rear bumper & tire carrier, LoD rock sliders, a 10K Smittybilt Comp Series winch w/ synthetic line and Dana 44 front & rears with stock 4.10 gears and rubi electronic lockers.



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