December 2013 JOTM Winner!

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December 2013 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations Larry “CJ8Larry” for December 2013 JOTM Winner!

This picture was taken at Bridgeport Northwest OHV park back in June by Dave (T1ckT0ck) as he was spotting me up this little climb.  I can’t remember the name of the trail. We went out there for Dave and another friend of ours to test out their new Jeeps. The Jeeps did great and we had a great time.

The meat and potatoes of the Scrambler is an 81 with a Ford 302, C6 transmission and a Dana 300 with all the doodads. 9″ rear axle, Dana 44 front locked and stuffed with 4:88s. TNT Customs Y link coil suspension rolling on 37′s.

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November 2013 JOTM Winner!

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Congratulations to Rick “HanaHou” on November 2013 JOTM Winner!


This was taken at the Offroading 101 class at Bridgeport in September as I was leading one of the easy groups on a easy trail.

This was the first wheeling trip for my not yet 2 year old grand daughter Sydney Marie, when my wife saw the picture she yelled at me for doing that with my grand daughter in the Jeep.
Thanks to Craig Keehn (Semper TJ) for taking the picture.


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October 2013 JOTM Winner

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Congratulation to Jeff “Bearkat” for October 2013 JOTM Winner!


This picture was taken at Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area (BMRA) in Gilmer, TX on the Election Run in March this year. This was on Clyde’s Ravine and was my second time on this trail. The first was during the Halloween Run in 2012 when the Jeep was only two weeks old and still had her paper tags. Let’s just say that Clyde’s Ravine almost got the best of me that time. I had her up on two wheels and nearly flopped her. After I got the lift on the Jeep I had to go back out and show Clyde’s Revine who was boss. As you can see in the picture she had a lot of flex and I was able to crawl all over that trail. Thanks Nick Shah (nsjeep) for spotting me and taking the pic!

The Jeep is a 2013 JKU Rubicon with a 3.5″ Rock Krawler Max Travel lift on 35″ Toyo Open Country M/Ts, Bilstein 5100 shocks, Poison Spyder front bumper w/stinger, LoD rear bumper & tire carrier, LoD rock sliders, a 10K Smittybilt Comp Series winch w/ synthetic line and Dana 44 front & rears with stock 4.10 gears and rubi electronic lockers.



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September 2013 JOTM Winner

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Congratulations Al “Wushaw” for September 2013 JOTM Winner!

This picture was taken by Rockin Cowgirl at Hidden Falls on the Fathers Day run this year. I was unable to get my rear tires up on this ledge, it was still fun trying.
Jeep is a 2000 TJ, 4.0, NV4500, Atlas 4.3, Dynatrac Pro Rock 60s 4.88, ARBs, Clayton LA suspension stretched to 100″ WB, 37″ IROKs on some sexy Stazworks double beadlocks and a bunch of other fun stuff either bought or home built.

Thanks for the votes everyone!

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August 2013 JOTM Winner

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Congratulations to Nick “TJ_BULLDOG” for August 2013 JOTM Winner!

05 TJ 4.0 6spd on 35′s at the time a 3.5 inch lift

Saturday May 5th, day after my birthday. I was showing off, thought I would give the Twins a shot. So I preceded up the middle section. I didn’t make it very far. I got hung up and after many attempts I decided that I wasn’t going to make it. So I then did what I knew I shouldn’t have done, I stood on the skinny pedal and hopped the D35. Next sound I heard was the snap, I broke the drivers side axle. After getting two jeeps up top I began to walk my jeep up to a flat surface, stopping once to push the axle back in. After 5 hrs of being in the dirt, one trip to autozone and spare axles brought from McKinney I called AAA. End of the day, it cost me my pride, broke locker and a new shaft. All in all, it was a great day. Too many names to list, a big thanks to all the guys who stopped wheeling and gave their time to help me.

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July 2013 JOTM Winner

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Congratulations to Chuck for July 2013 JOTM Winner!

This picture was taken at Billings Canyon, just outside of Grand Junction, Colorado. The trail is about 1.6 miles long and took us around 6 hours to do it. Was a lot of fun, but really put a beating on my rig.

Rig is a 2009 JK Unlimited X 6-speed. Dana 30/44 on 35s at the time with 3.5? or so of lift. Aussie front/Detroit rear and 4.88 gears. PS corner and rocker armour, OR-Fab cage, PS front bumper, RROR skids, Genright tire carrier, etc.

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June 2013 JOTM Winner!

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Congratulations to Rick “HanaHou” for June 2013 JOTM Winner!

This was at Green Acres in Clayton, Oklahoma the 2013 Jim Parker Run. Last year I watch the group climb Jeff’s Ledge as I took the easier route, and then had to get pulled off a rock.
This year I have the Dana 44 rear with a Detroit, so Jeff’s Ledge was not going to stop me. Thanks to Jason Villa for taking the picture.

The Jeep is a 2006 TJ with a 4 banger, Warn Power Plant, RE 4.5 lift, Dana 30 front with a aussie locker, Dana 44 rear with disks, and a Detroit, 488 Gears, hand throttle, sliders, corners, and Hello Kitty stickers. LOL

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May 2013 JOTM Winner Kade “Rugged4″!

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Congratulations to Kade “Rugged4″ for May 2013 JOTM Winner!

Here is his 2007 Jeep Sahara Unlimited. 2.5″ Skyjacker lift, XRC front bumper with 8k Smitty Built winch. Smitty Built XRC rock sliders. Epic custom flat fenders. 35″ Dick Cepek Bone Crushers. The picture was taken during an unofficial Bridgeport run on 4/6/13. It felt like an official run with the amount of Jeeps. I was leading an “easy” group around the first part of the day. I made it up the Twins and wanted to run spiderweb before lunch. I was about to pull out of the Spiderweb when I heard the famous, “You can do it.” from behind me. So I thought I’d sit on the spare while waiting for my winch line.

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April 2013 JOTM Winner Matt “SofaRider”

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Hey, thanks for all of the votes. The picture was taken at the top of one of the steeper drop-offs near the end of Hell’s Revenge, in Moab, last summer. My brother (Tim, aka Sooner Crawler) snapped the picture just as I was starting to ease over the edge. I was a little nervous about this section and knew if I stared at it too long I’d never get down (I hate heights)… Moab is a great place!

The JK is pretty run-of-the-mill. It’s a 2009 Rubicon with 3″(ish) of lift, 35″ Toyo’s, Raceline beadlocks, and PSC hydro-assist steering. It does just about everything we want it to do.

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March 2013 JOTM Winner! Ron “Redneck Ron”

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Congratulations Ron “Redneck Ron” for March 2013 JOTM Winner!

Thanks for the votes guys (and gals). This a pic of our TJ in Moab on the Behind The Rocks trail. Very fun trail. We were out there with a small group of our LSJC friends, being lead around by a great older gentleman named Gunther.

I took the picture. Jen was actually driving (claims it is her JOTM. Meh, whatever) I told her to take this line after watching everyone in our group taking a off camber route around the rocks that risked scraping the tops and cages against a rock ledge. Our Jeep was too wide and tall for that line.

If you have never been to Moab, you got to put it on your bucket list. Awesome place. Just beautiful.

Our TJ is a 2002 streched to 106″ with Dana 60′s, Atlas 5.0/1, PSC full hydro, 39.5″ Iroks, blah, blah, blah.

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