August 2015 JOTM Winner!

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Congratulations to Rick “Hardtimes” for August 2015 JOTM Winner!

This pic was taken by Toby Allen (President of Arkansas Crawlers) on the LSJC Hot Springs Run in May 2015.

Toby had volunteered to lead a group. For some reason it wound up being myself, Hondo and Tall Steve. We were going to be doing some trails to test out Steve’s new front ProRock 44 and Kevin’s fairly new King Coilovers. We should’ve known. Toby took us on a few median trails that seem to be getting a little more difficult. Who would of thought. This pic was taken on Four Fingers. Although following his grocery getter,our little TJ,JK and my YJ hung in there pretty well. It may not look it in the pic but it’s “stable” (famous last words).

This YJ is a “93″ model. Yes…It’s almost a antique. With only 87K miles on it and mostly original, it will preform off road with some of the best. The 16″ KingCoils in the front, air shocks in the rear keep the axles planted firmly on the ground (most the time). Atlas transfer case and BFG Reds pull it though most of the time. If not it’s on the driver (or so I’ve been told).


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July 2015 JOTM Winner!

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Congratulations to Kyle “Profire” for July 2015 JOTM Winner!

The story of this CJ7 started a year or so after I had sold my 07 JK. I was missing not having a jeep to drive. I was talking to a good friend of mine about missing my old jeep and he told me that his sister had one sitting under a shed in Dardanelle Arkansas . Well one thing led to another and I decided to take a look at the CJ. A road trip to Arkansas and 6 months of sweet talking this Lady and she finally sold it to me.

She was a postal carrier and had delivered mail in this CJ before she finally retired. It sat neglected for 2 years prior to me rescuing it. After a lot of work and dang near replacing everything mechanical she is road worthy and capable of making long distance camping and fishing trips.

The picture was taken by me at a stream called Crooked Creek in the Ouachita mountains of Arkansas where I go to get my batteries recharged from the daily grind of the city.

Thanks to all who voted for my CJ.


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June 2015 JOTM Winner!

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Congratulations to Bryan “Stickerhead” for June 2015 JOTM Winner!

This was taken at LSJC Spring Run at Hot Springs Off Road Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas on May 1st. Punkyn 13 took the picture of my brother, Lee and I having a little fun on one of the “H” trails on the other side of Mill Creek Road. I was gunning for James “The Snake” Foster for his medium group that Saturday.


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May 2015 JOTM Winner!

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Congratulations to Jim “MudMan” May 2015 JOTM Winner!

A big thanks to all that voted and especially the guys that were with me on the trail to recover my Jeep and myself. We were at Bridgeport OHV part for the Screamin’ Lizard Customs Spring Fling Run. We were on a trail way back in Mino’s and I did not make it.

May2015JOTM (640x451)

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April 2015 JOTM Winner!

April 5th, 2015 Comments off

Congratulations to Al “Wushaw” for April 2015 JOTM Winner!

Thank you all who voted. This picture was taken in California February 2014 right beside the Colorado river between Parker Arizona and Lake Havasu.
I was on my way to meet up with some folks to go wheelin and saw this wild burro on the side of the road and immediately thought of “Tall Steve” and just had to get a pic.

Thank you Steve for being so photogenic!


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March 2015 JOTM Winner!

March 2nd, 2015 Comments off

Congratulations to James “NVRDUN” Foster for March 2015 JOTM Winner!

This picture was taken a few years back at Barnwell Mountain during one of our LSJC Election Day Runs. This is the ledge at the end of Linda Gail before they back filled it with dirt. It was dug out just enough in the right places to catch the wheel base of our CJ-7 if I tried going up the left side. So I decided to stay as far to the right as I could and let it crawl up the side wall knowing that we were going to get some air on the way up. I was actually looking back at my passenger side rear quarter panel as I was moving forward trying to make sure it did not scrape the wall. It did and that scar is still on the Jeep today as a reminder of that day and the fun we had wheeling.

Thank You to everybody who voted for our CJ.


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February 2015 JOTM Winner!

February 19th, 2015 Comments off

Congratulations to Rick “Hardtimes” for February 2015 JOTM Winner!

I guess I’m going to have to hire Al (wushaw) as my personal photographer. He has taken a lot of pics of me hoping I’m going to break something.

This pic was taken on Jeff’s Ledges in Clayton on the Jim Parker Run Back in April. Clayton is one of the best places we’ve ever wheeled….And can’t wait for the next trip.


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January 2015 JOTM Winner!

January 5th, 2015 Comments off

Congratulations to SKIP for January 2015 JOTM Winner!

Paul Soccio posted his unofficial Tigger Turkey Crawl at Gilmer’s BMRA on the LSJC forum for the Saturday after Thanksgiving and that it was going to be easy-ish to light medium trails to help his wife, Jenn, break in her CJ. Melinda and I decided to sign up for that and when we saw some others were arriving for some Friday runs and we had extra time off that we would go ahead and get there Thursday night and try to hang with that group a little Friday.

My 2000 TJ recently had a D44 with ARB lockers installed but I hadn’t really put it to the test yet so I thought even though the harder trails were not in my comfort zone we would give it a go. We got to park and ran a few medium type trails with Brian, Murphy and Dirty Old Man until about noon when we saw Al (Wushaw) pulling his big ole setup into the camp area. It didn’t take him long to get ready to ride so after a lunch break we all hit the trails with Al and Lloyd McPherson. Didn’t take long to get the old adrenalin going with Al in the lead. We had a great time and the weather was perfect. We rumbled up Shake, Rattle and Roll and I was having a little difficultly getting up the final ledge. Al was spotting me and got us to a point where he said bump it and I think I might have over bumped and we flew up in the air. At one point all the wheels were in the air and Lloyd was able to get this shot. It was all a blast and later we all hung out at the camp grounds and had some fantastic food and campfire talk (Thanks, Lou and Al).


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2014 JOTY Winner

January 2nd, 2015 Comments off

Congratulations to Jeff “TREX” 2014 JOTY Winner!

Jeff was our June 2014 JOTM Winner!


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December 2014 JOTM Winner!

December 2nd, 2014 Comments off

Congratulations to Josh “Jeepfeste” for December 2014 JOTM Winner!

This pic was taken at Hot Springs, AR during the Fall Veteran’s Day trip with the club. I have to give credit to Bob (offcamber) Lionel for taking this great picture of my 1999 Wrangler TJ as I crawled up near the top of Sesame Street. Would also like to thank JeepinJason and his wife for guiding us through the many miles of trails on Saturday. At the top of that hill, my wife Rashea, mentioned to me that I was making those trails/climbs look easy. After looking at the pics like this one, I have a new appreciation for the amount of flex my 6″ Full-traction long-arm suspension provides to keep my 35″ M/T tires and 5 spd manual power on the ground to hold a line I choose. Hopefully my latest upgrade will let me climb up Bailey’s Boulders with ease next time out. Happy Trails everyone!


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