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2017 JOTY Winner!

Congratulations to Scott “RedRubiconLJ” for winning the 2017 JOTY.

It’s a 2015 JKUR. The pic was taken July 2017 in Moab on the “Top of the World” trail.

While out there Poison Spyder Mesa, Metal Masher, and Steel Bender were also completed. I was with Jim Wright of LSJC and Adrienne Roll of Des Moine IA/Houston Tx. Jim took the picture for me!

I’ve added a RK X-factor 2.5″ lift, 35″ KM2s, RCV’s Rockhard Cage and full under belly skids, poison spyder body armor and rock sliders and a PSC stubby stinger up front and a LoD rear tire carrier. Also have the truck lite LEDs and a Zeon 10k winch.

I’m so glad that I have more time to wheel my Jeep now. I’ve amassed 42k miles on it since Aug 2015. It’s been wheeling in CA, CO and UT. That’s where I like to hang out!

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