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April 2013 JOTM Winner Matt “SofaRider”

Hey, thanks for all of the votes. The picture was taken at the top of one of the steeper drop-offs near the end of Hell’s Revenge, in Moab, last summer. My brother (Tim, aka Sooner Crawler) snapped the picture just as I was starting to ease over the edge. I was a little nervous about this section and knew if I stared at it too long I’d never get down (I hate heights)… Moab is a great place!

The JK is pretty run-of-the-mill. It’s a 2009 Rubicon with 3″(ish) of lift, 35″ Toyo’s, Raceline beadlocks, and PSC hydro-assist steering. It does just about everything we want it to do.

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