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August 2018 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Darla “Obsession” Ivie on winning the August 2018 JOTM contest!

This picture is of two of my favorite girls, Obsession, my 2015 custom zebra painted Jeep, and Sadie Blue, my Mini Aussie puppy in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower with the red cowboy hat that is located in my hometown of Paris, Texas. I went home to visit this summer and had to take my girls for this great photo op. But don’t let this picture fool you, Obsession is not just a pretty mall-crawler, but also a hard core rock crawler. She is my daily driver, my off-road wheeler/rock crawler, and the apple of my eye. Anyone that knows me, knows how she got her name. She has definitely got me OBSESSED.

JOTM 2018-08
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