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February 2011 JOTM Winner The Better Half!

This picture is at the top of Big Beav at Bridgeport in the park’s early days, when Big Beav was doable with 35”s. Dave busted an axle u-joint in the process, and as always the great LSJC members immediately step in to help fix it and get us back on the trail. Members helping included Jim (Mudman), Tim (Slim), along with Steve and others I am sure I am forgetting. Credit to the photographer, Steve Sprayberry. Without the photo we would not have any proof of the climb and this award. The Jeep is a ’97 TJ, with a 4”lift Pro-Comp suspension lift and 1” body lift, high clearance t.c. skid, running 35” Xterrain tires. Front axles is a D44 out of a Rubicon with selectable lockers and rear axle is an 8.8 with Detroit Locker. To keep with the Just Empty Every Pocket (J.E.E.P.) motto, there have been additional up-grades since this picture was taken, and fully anticipate additional mods throughout the foreseeable future.

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