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JOTM June 2009 – Tobiass

Congratulations to Tobiass for winning Jeep Of The Month!

And now, a few words from our Winner!

This picture was taken at Barnwell Mountain, at LSJC Election Run 2007. My Dad, Bobby Roosz (Shaggnastie), was spotting me up a hill climb when I “bumped” the ledge at the end to get over. My Front end leaped in the air, (I actually thought I was going over a huge boulder I couldn’t see, at the time) and I rode forward on my rear tires until they too, “bumped” and cleared the ledge, finally letting my front end come back to Earth.

This picture was taken by the “Kat-Like” reflexes of my Mom, Kathy Roosz (KatnHat), who was still getting her camera ready for the trail group getting ready to run the obstacle.

The Rig: 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sport, originally owned by Shaggnastie, who installed the 4.5″ RE Suspension Lift Kit, Poison Spider Rocker Knockers, Rollcage, and Custom Bobby Roosz build Toolbox. Installed by Tobiass, with the help of Shaggnastie: 1.25″ BB, 35′ Tires, D30 Cromoly Axles Shafts, D44 Cromoly Axle Shafts. Installed by Shaggnastie/Tobiass, later checked by RussBaer: 4.88 Gears, with Detroit Lock in the Rear, and Lockrite Lock in the Front.

Can’t wait to be wheeling with the club again!

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