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July 2012 JOTM Winner!

July 2012 JOTM Winner David “Cosmos”!

*This photograph was taken by fellow club member Josatchell (John Satchell) with a Sony DSCT200 while I was wheeling at Katemcy Rocks 2 near Mason TX during the All Y’All Crawl 2012 Memorial Day Weekend event sponsored by Baertrax. I don’t recall this granite outcrop really having a name it was just a ridge of rock I think.

This was my first experience on big “slab” rock and I really got to flex the Rock Krawler 3.5 Mid-Arm suspension. The ACE Rock sliders preformed very well and were put to good use as were the RCV front axels and Nitro Control arm skids and ARB diff covers. Running on factory/stock 31″ tires still provided enough grip to get around the obstacles. It was a beautiful weekend in Hill Country and K2 is an exciting and challenging park. Thank you John for a great photograph and club members for the votes.*

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