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JUNE 2012 JOTM Winner

June 2012 JOTM Winner “Bounty” Tim!

This photo was taken by club member tehiv (Thomas) in Hot Springs, during the 2012 spring run. The trail doesn’t have a name, but it’s B28 on the map – it has a rating of just 2, but scenic and fun. Hot Springs is our faVorite place to wheel, some parts rarely get seen if you head straight for the harder trails, but we tend to cruise the easier stuff. The Jeep is a 2005 Rubicon, it has 2.5″ of spring lift and I run 33″ Goodyears. Most of the upgrades I have are armor, althOugh I have added a Teraflex tummy tuck as well. I can’t wait for the next Hot Springs run, thank you to everyone that voted.

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