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March 2013 JOTM Winner! Ron “Redneck Ron”

Congratulations Ron “Redneck Ron” for March 2013 JOTM Winner!

Thanks for the votes guys (and gals). This a pic of our TJ in Moab on the Behind The Rocks trail. Very fun trail. We were out there with a small group of our LSJC friends, being lead around by a great older gentleman named Gunther.

I took the picture. Jen was actually driving (claims it is her JOTM. Meh, whatever) I told her to take this line after watching everyone in our group taking a off camber route around the rocks that risked scraping the tops and cages against a rock ledge. Our Jeep was too wide and tall for that line.

If you have never been to Moab, you got to put it on your bucket list. Awesome place. Just beautiful.

Our TJ is a 2002 streched to 106″ with Dana 60’s, Atlas 5.0/1, PSC full hydro, 39.5″ Iroks, blah, blah, blah.

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