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November 2020 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to Rick “Hardtimes” Spigelmyer for winning the November 2020 JOTM Contest!

Everyone knows how I feel about all the “Ducking of Jeeps”. I know it’s harmless and suppose to make you happy but it’s just not my thing. I’m always happy anyhow.

September there were a group of LSJC members that went to the Palo Duro Challenge in Amarillo. We went out the day before to register and I unloaded the Jeep to get ahead start the next morning. Came out Friday morning and this is what I found……Yes I been “Ducked”. I’m not calling any names but I do know Jennifer and Branden Barnett disappeared for a while from where we were staying and even tho Mitch Chapman wasn’t there his name was brought up.

Best part I guess……they made me wheel all day Friday with the duck. You could hear other groups on the CB talking about the duck. Everyone thought it was hilarious. That’s alright…….it’s all about the fun and a fun time is what we had.

Thank you to all that voted for me!!

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