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September 2020 JOTM Winner!

Congratulations to George “Gadget” Rice for winning the September 2020 JOTM Contest!

The picture was taken July 2020 in the Grand Teton National Park. We purchased the Gladiator in June and took it on a long drive vacation to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton, Ouray and Silverton, Colorado. We drove 3600 miles and averaged 24mph. The Gladiator got us back into a Jeep and a small pickup. We are happy campers with the new Gladiator and aren’t planning on making any mods to it and it fits our needs for now. We took it on several off-road trails in Ouray and Silverton and it preformed great. Thanks for adding us (George & Bennye Rice) to Jeep Of The Month Club. 2020 Gladiator Overland.

JOTM 2020-09
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