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LSJC offers both New and Renewal Sponsor Fees for businesses looking to promote their brand to our over 3K Facebook group members and more.


As a sponsor, you'll receive advertising in our FB group page and on our public LSJC Buy Sell Trade Group, some sweet bag "swag", exclusive promotion at one of our member events, and the opportunity to attend any of our events.


Our members are primarily located in the DFW area and have a passion for off-roading. Don't miss out on the chance to connect with our community and grow your business


Qualifications and Restrictions:

1. Sponsors shall be an individual or a corporation with interest in the automotive or off road industry, but not limited to the automotive or off road industry;
2. shall not be deemed as Members of the Lone Star Jeep Club, Inc Corporation;
3. shall not be subject to Membership qualifications;
4. shall not have membership rights as entitled to Members of the Corporation;
5. must pay sponsorship annaul dues.


Access to LSJC General Membership:

1. Representation for Sponsors of the Corporation shall be registered on the LSJC website.
2. Sponsorship of the Corporation shall entitle the sponsor's representative website account their right to acknowledge the sponsors business, products and services to the general membership of the corporation by way of the LSJC website and social media platforms.
3. With consent of the Board of Directors, sponsors may acknowledge the business being represented to the General Membership, in person, at regular or member exclusive event.

Sponsorship - New or Renewal

Excluding Sales Tax |
Price Options
$300.00every year until canceled
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